Mastering simplicity was our approach with this year’s colour techniques. We wanted to make bold statements with looks that pushed the envelope effortlessly while being completely wearable. Rich earth tones of Rose and Copper were melted together to highlight the unique texture of each model’s hair and create more dimension between light and shadow. We paired clever, understated techniques with creative colours inspired by the depths of nature and then, using that palette, created natural variations in multi-tonal saturation.

OUTCOMES: Understand precision and free-form colour, and build on your existing skills combined with COLOR.ME techniques and recipes. This is a technique-based class that will allow you to explore the infinite possibilities of line, form, texture and shape in colouring and how to use those COLOR.ME techniques to compliment your haircuts and styles in the salon.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists who are looking for new inspirations, colour recipes and ways to push the boundaries of hair colouring techniques.


This year’s styling collection focuses on an obvious use of product — a reflection of the ’90s. We developed the techniques for each style being conscious of you as the stylist behind the chair working with each and every client in a timely manner. Let’s make 2020 all about your client while we at KEVIN.MURPHY make it all about you and increasing your skills and ability to navigate the ever-changing world of fashion.

OUTCOMES: Explore and learn how to create modern texture and individual movement. Gain a strong understanding of advanced finishing techniques and learn how to use product to create the ultimate finish, enhance your hair colouring techniques and haircuts behind the chair. Explore how to create the kinds of styles your clients want to compliment who they are.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Stylists who are looking for new inspirations, product recipes and ways to push the boundaries of hair techniques with each individual client in mind.

LEVEL: Advanced




PRICE : R450

DATE : 8th June 2020 (CAPE TOWN)

Education Modal

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